Ayuverdic diet

With my own Ayuverdic diet restrictions I will give you a tip on what I do with my soups
– As a thickener I add some toasted oats instead of flour or potatoes as I am not allowed either of these.
– I use a lot of very fresh coriander in my soups as a garnish.
– To a plain carrot soup add a touch of ginger and it becomes really tangy
– We sprout a lot of green grams and then refrigerate for use when required. Green sprouts soup is absolutely delicious and to add substance I boil a few sprouted grams to the soup as a garnish as we are not allowed any bread. For this soup I also add a carrot to the sprouts before cooking them and blitzing the soup with a hand held blender.
– Instead of cream we add a little bit of full cream milk for a nice finish
– The tastiest soup I have ever had is made from butternut squash Try it and it is very filling and tasty.

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